Book review: Planet Zero Carbon – A Policy Playbook for the Energy Transition

My new book is now available on Amazon, which I’ve been working on for some time now. The book essentially covers the energy transition, although it starts with a detailed assessment of current and future costs associated with climate change. This is a theme throughout the book, and a more detailed assessment of how investment groups and banks are responding to these risks is presented towards the end of the book. Representing a lot of industry data, the book explains how fast the energy transition is now progressing. Main elements covered include scenario analysis, energy carriers (electricity/H₂), energy use by sector, post-pandemic strategies, financing and the fossil fuel exit.

From the back cover:

Challenging the assumption that getting to net zero is an unattainable aspiration, Planet Zero Carbon shows that this goal is very much becoming a reality as policy and industry work together.

Framed by the onset of increasingly costly climate impacts, the book successfully details how the energy transition is not only affordable, but the technologies and policies associated with a shift to zero carbon are a necessity that we cannot afford to avoid. First looking at a range of credible zero- and low-carbon energy scenarios, the book then goes on to explore the roles of the two primary energy carriers of the 21st century – electricity and hydrogen. Following a comprehensive assessment of the different factors involved, the book then looks in more detail at the various ways new technologies and focused policy is being utilised to decarbonise each sector of the economy, charting where industry is today and what we can expect to occur within approaching decades. Special attention is given to financing the transition, the role of central and development banks as well as the threat of stranded assets.

The book concludes with a rounded appraisal of what exit strategies are likely to be implemented by fossil energy companies now that Europe, the United States and China among others are committed to fully decarbonising their economies. Using the latest data, this fascinating and informative book lays bare the realities of our energy system, and the dramatic changes that are now taking place.

For more background information regarding the book, all charts from within the book can be found in high resolution format via my Medium page.

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